Monday, July 6, 2009

Stars and Stripes Tee Shirts

Here's my clan in Smithville, almost at the Jamboree. [I didn't get many pictures beacuse my camera didn't cooperate. - I need/want a new one.]

Five years ago Frank, Lee, Champ and I made these shirts from the July 2004 issue of Family Fun Magazine. Lee and Champ have outgrown their shirts and passed them down to Anthony and Rance (which I could only find 1 shirt), so this year we made Lee and Champ new shirts (and one for the little ones). They are so easy and I think very cute. Guess how they are made? From corrugated cardboard!!!!!! You cut stars out of corrugated cardboard and peel the paper off the top and then you have a star shaped, striped stencil. Isn't that a neat idea? Wonder what else you could do with that? You can find complete details here.

Here is author, Ronda Friend, giving the boys a preview of her new book. She has a very dynamic personality. She is someone to meet in person (she does guest appearances). [We have the first 4 (bought them at the Smithville Jamboree 2 years ago) and they are fantastic. I intended on buying her new book, but it was one of the first booths we stopped at and I didn't want to carry it around the whole time so I was going to buy it right before we left, but I forgot.] :o(

You can find out more about R. Friend and her books here.

Why I love her books...
1. They are funny, true stories from her life.
2. They are AR books
3. They each have a song
4. They each have a recipe
5. If there are difficult words in the book she gives the definition (you would have to read a book to understand how she works it in - very clever). *This is my favorite thing about her books.*

Joe Vick, artist, was also one of my favorite repeat vendors at the Smithville Jamboree. He does pencil drawings that are very like the subject. He did Lee and Champ like 8 or 9 years ago in Byrdstown, TN and last year I had him draw a portrait of Anthony and Rance (he does it in about 10 min. or less). He is really good and very reasonable. He does other pictures (other than just portraits) and has them for sale, you can buy just the print or you can buy it matted and framed. You can check out more on Joe Vick here.

It seems there were less vendors this year than in the past (economy maybe?), but all in all it was a great year. It wasn't too hot and little humidity. We usually go early on Saturday morning (before it gets too hot and too crowded). The Smithville Fiddler's Jamboree is held every year the weekend closest to the 4th of July in Smithville, TN. I always enjoy it and try not to miss it (not sure if I have missed it since I was little). I usually go just for the vendors (when I was little, my parents and grandparents went for the music and the competitions) it's just too hot for me to stay for all of that, but it's great (we see a little of it).

If you like bluegrass music, square dancing, clogging, talented artisans that make the most extraordinary items, then you would like the Smithville Jamboree.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea with the tee shirts. Your hubs didn't seem as excited as the kids. LOL. It would be the same thing at my house.
Thank you for coming to see me.

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

Love the shirts! How neat! Next year we may have to try going to the jamboree. It sounds like a neat time.
God bless,

The Family of Logo said...

The shirts are great! What a neat idea. Too bad about your camera... if I had a spare, I'd send it to you! HAHA!

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