Friday, July 17, 2009

FYI - Cake Decorating

Since Life As Mom is hosting her Birthday Cake Roundup this week, I thought that I would share something with you.

Here is a great resource...Wilton. I knew they were a brand of cake decorating supplies, but until I took a Cake Decorating Class 3 years ago, that's all I knew about them.

They are also a wonderful resource, full of ideas and a place to purchase things you might not be able to (I live in a small town and we are very limited, not like Bakerella - see her 3 part series on her supply stores). [Yes, I'm jealous, how can you tell?]

But Wilton also has ideas that you can do with regular pans or pans that you might already have on hand. They also have different "techniques" featured each month (you can learn something new or polish up your skills). I really like the watermelon cake featured this month (July '09) on the home page (see picture above). They are really good with step-by-step instructions, tools used, ingredients used, etc.

Do you know of any more good cake decorating resources?

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Hadley Gets Crafty said...

OMG Ponies!!! As the teenagers I work with would say. That cake is something else. I couldn't imagine being able to do that...

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