Monday, July 13, 2009

CVS Deal

I forgot to post this until I read Amanda's post at Faith, Food and Family. Last week, maybe it was week before last (my memory's not that good), CVS had a deal for new to CVS Photoshop Customers - get 50 prints free! I signed up and got 50 free prints, they had another deal where you could get 60 prints for the price of 40 (I did that also) and I picked them up at the store to save on shipping. When I picked up my pictures my bill was $6 plus tax. When I got my receipt it had $1.50 ECB's. That's like getting 110 pictures for $4.50 (that makes them about 4 cents each). WOW! What a great deal! I wish I could run across more deals like that. I have a lot of pictures to develop.

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The Family of Logo said...

I get the same opportunities just about monthly through Walgreens. It's so convinient and ecconomical (my Grandma taught me not to say "cheap")

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