Friday, January 30, 2009

I LOVE being a mom

Last night the 2 babies (they will always be my babies no matter how big or how old they get), Anthony and Rance wanted me to lay down with them at bedtime, so I did. Rance was running his fingers through my hair and said, "Yours hair is pitty, mommy." That is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!! Can you say melt mommy's heart?


Free Food

Moms Need to Know has a couple of links to get some Free food (BOGOF) or coupons for discounted food. You can't beat that.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ways to Save Money

Since I am a stay at home mom, I am always trying to save money (so hubby won't make me go back to work - grin). I am a hair stylist by trade so I barter sometimes. There is the sweetest teenager at church and we trade babysitting services for hair services. It works out great for me (I hope she thinks it works out good for her too). I also trade cut for cut with some stylist friends of mine. Do you barter and what? What ways do you save money?


A Couple More Cakes

Here are a couple of cakes that I did this past summer. The purse was for a friend's daughter (I made matching cupcakes to go with it - can't find the picture for those) and the reptile cake was for 2 of my boys (the lizard - which was a rubber toy - has a piece of cake in it's mouth.


Birthday Cake Roundup

Check out all the cake ideas on Birthday Cake Roundup at Life as Mom. I am always looking for new ideas.

Feeding Boys

Last night we had a 'breakfast supper' (by request, it's Lee's favorite - I think he would have that for supper every night if I let him). The six of us ate 1 pound of sausage, 1 pound of bacon plus eggs and bread (I only got 1 small piece of sausage). What will I do when they become teenagers? Will I be able to afford to feed them?


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen

Free Meal Deal from Zaxby's

To get a free meal deal from Zaxby's you need to register here.

I did really good at Kroger last night, I saved 73%. Kroger had it's Mega Deal going on again this week and I was able to get things that I missed last week. Rotel was on sale for $0.80 a can, I had a coupon for $0.35 which Kroger doubled to $0.70 which made my Rotel $0.10 a can, but with the Mega Deal it was FREE. The Mega Deal is you buy any 10 (mix and match) of selected items and you get $5.00 off your total bill (it's like $0.50 off per item).

I was able to get Frank's Hot Sauce for $0.19 a bottle, French's mustard for $0.29 a bottle, Chex Mix for $0.09 a bag, Valley Fresh Steamers FREE and $0.09 a bag depending on coupon (after coupons and Mega Deal) and other great deals! I walked out of Kroger with 3 FULL bags and it was only $30.00 (and some odd change).

We are also doing a fund raiser for our local Cub Scout Pack through Kroger and every time I shop at Kroger it helps the Cub Scouts (I was already a loyal Kroger customer, but now I am hooked - I have 2 Cub Scouts and 2 future Scouts and my hubby is the Pack Master).

Have Fun and Save Money!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

There are lots of birthdays in January (especially in my husband's family), so we get together and celebrate all the January birthdays at once. Here is the cake I made for the January birthdays.

All the stars on the top of the cake have someone's name on it. Even though it doesn't show up in the picture - the yellow stars have names on them too. (That's just my hubby's family, there are birthdays in January on my side of the family too.)


Crocheted Hat

I have been crocheting for awhile but I usually do the name doilies. I have never attempted a hat before, but I really like the "crusher hat" or rolled brim hat. I used leftover yarn to see if I could do it. Not bad for my first try. I found the pattern here at Lionbrand. It's really an easy pattern. It took me about 2 days working on it sporadically. I made a solid tan one for a friend of mine (she will get it later today).

I also started making crocheted dish cloths. My Aunt was telling me that she received a few from a friend of hers and she likes them better than store bought dish cloths. I tried a few. I just crocheted a square using single crochet or double crochet. I think the single crochet is better. No pattern is necessary (just crochet a chain the length that a dish cloth should be and then single crochet until you get a square).


Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy Shepherd's Pie

This is one of my family's favorites. It is easy to make, my kids love it (and they are kids - a little on the picky side), it is easy to double if you have company coming, and I usually have all the ingredients on hand.

Easy Shepherd's Pie

1 lb. ground beef (browned and drained)
1 can mixed veggies (drained) - you can also use frozen mixed veggies
1 can cheddar cheese soup
salt and pepper as desired
instant potatoes (serving of 4)-fixed according to package directions
4 slices of American cheese

Mix ground beef, veggies and soup together in an oven safe dish, season as desired. Spread instant potatoes on top of meat mixture, top with slices of American Cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until heated through (ususally 20 - 30 min.)

This is a great recipe because it has everything in it. You can serve it with a side salad and crescent rolls.

You can brown a bunch of ground beef up at one time and divide into 1 lb. freezer bags and freeze for later use. (Makes this and other recipes quicker.) I also like to finely chop an onion and put with my ground beef when I am browning it, but it is optional.

You can use fresh mashed potatoes if you want to (I go for the quick and easy). You can also use left over veggies and left over mashed potatoes if you have them and want to. I have also substituted just a can of corn and a can of peas (if I was out of mixed veggies). This is a very forgiving recipe.

It also freezes well. So somtimes I make 2 pies at once (eat one and share or freeze one - before I bake it in the oven, then I can pull it out, thaw it and bake it).

Hope your family enjoys it as much as our family does.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Audrey Hepburn

Isn't she classic? I love the clothes she wears (I would love to be able to find them today - I don't think they would be out of style because they are classic and not trendy). She and Jackie O are wonderful icons. I love their style!!!!!!!!!


My Husband is Perfect!

O.k., not really. I know he's not perfect, but he is perfect for me. I listen to my friends talk about their husbands (not even bad really) and I think to myself "I wouldn't like that," or "That would really get on my nerves."

I know that Frank has his faults, but nothing that I can't live with. There are other men, I see how they treat their wives, how they act toward their wives, I hear things their wives say about them (yes, sometimes complaining and sometimes not - just 'matter-of-fact') and I have concluded that my husband is perfect for me.

I have known for a long time that God gave him to me. I know because I prayed (since I was a little girl) and my mother prayed that God would send me a good husband. I also know because he is strong where I am weak. We compliment each other.

So the next time your hubby gets on your last nerve, think it could be worse (he could have qualities that you couldn't stand) and then go give him a big hug and kiss and appreciate him for who he is.


P.S. I was one of the winners of the 50% discount for the lunch tote give away that Erin at $5 Dinners had. I am so excited. I just ordered Retro Reborn and I can't wait to get it. As a plus right now they have $1 shipping on all orders at Spring Los Angeles.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Dinner Time Activities

Check out Stouffers Web site for some great dinner time activities. There are 'Food Finds' (word searches), 'Story Starters' (conversation starters), and 'Word Bites' (word puzzles). After printing them off, you can laminate these, sandwich these between 2 pieces of clear contact paper, or put them in page protectors and use wet erase or dry erase markers (that way your kids can use them again and again). You can also make placemats for your table.


My Favorite Comfort Foods

This is not a healthy comfort food, but it is a delicious one. On the Reece's Cups it can be original or with caramel. I love them both. Basically anything chocolate is a comfort food to me, but if I had to pick one it would be a Reece's Cup and a Pepsi just sets it off. Pepsi sets off anything.

(Sorry about the picture being fuzzy. Not sure if it is the camera or O.E. - operator error?)

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