Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crocheted Hat

I have been crocheting for awhile but I usually do the name doilies. I have never attempted a hat before, but I really like the "crusher hat" or rolled brim hat. I used leftover yarn to see if I could do it. Not bad for my first try. I found the pattern here at Lionbrand. It's really an easy pattern. It took me about 2 days working on it sporadically. I made a solid tan one for a friend of mine (she will get it later today).

I also started making crocheted dish cloths. My Aunt was telling me that she received a few from a friend of hers and she likes them better than store bought dish cloths. I tried a few. I just crocheted a square using single crochet or double crochet. I think the single crochet is better. No pattern is necessary (just crochet a chain the length that a dish cloth should be and then single crochet until you get a square).


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