Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free Meal Deal from Zaxby's

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I did really good at Kroger last night, I saved 73%. Kroger had it's Mega Deal going on again this week and I was able to get things that I missed last week. Rotel was on sale for $0.80 a can, I had a coupon for $0.35 which Kroger doubled to $0.70 which made my Rotel $0.10 a can, but with the Mega Deal it was FREE. The Mega Deal is you buy any 10 (mix and match) of selected items and you get $5.00 off your total bill (it's like $0.50 off per item).

I was able to get Frank's Hot Sauce for $0.19 a bottle, French's mustard for $0.29 a bottle, Chex Mix for $0.09 a bag, Valley Fresh Steamers FREE and $0.09 a bag depending on coupon (after coupons and Mega Deal) and other great deals! I walked out of Kroger with 3 FULL bags and it was only $30.00 (and some odd change).

We are also doing a fund raiser for our local Cub Scout Pack through Kroger and every time I shop at Kroger it helps the Cub Scouts (I was already a loyal Kroger customer, but now I am hooked - I have 2 Cub Scouts and 2 future Scouts and my hubby is the Pack Master).

Have Fun and Save Money!


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