Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boys' Clothes

First of all let me start with an apology. These clothes are wrinkled. The boys have outgrown them and I have them put away (to hopefully hand down to my grandkids someday) and all I did was pull them out of the box, put them on a hanger and take a picture.

If I was really nice, I would have ironed them first, but I don't like to iron. No wait, I loathe ironing. I do iron on ocassion, when I absolutely have to, but very seldom. [I figure with carseats, seatbelts, wiggly boys, it's going to be wrinkled by the time we get there anyway so why bother.]

This is the very first outfit I made (if I can say I made it). I made it (putting it lightly) when I was pregnant with Lee over 10 years ago. It was to be his 'Coming Home from the Hospital' outfit. My cousin helped me make it (or should I say I helped her make it?). She did probably 75% of it because I had no idea what I was doing (I just did what she told me - when I could and when I couldn't she helped me out A LOT!). I'm proud of it non-the-less. It is made with heirloom fabric. It doesn't really have a pattern, she took the collar from one pattern she had, took the sleeves from another pattern, and the bubble (or body part) from another pattern and put them all together for me. (She is very talented.)

I love navy and white together (those were the colors of my wedding). So this is the first "hand smocking" that I did. I started out simple, with one color, a small size (I didn't want to get discouraged and quit before it was finished). This outfit was made from the pattern 'Corey's Bubble' from Maja's Heirlooms.

Here is a closeup of the hand smocking. Don't look too close (it was my first attempt). If you are good at hand smocking I'm sure that you will find lots of imperfections (but that's what makes it one of a kind and handmade). Besides, I'm sure they didn't even notice. The smocking plate was 'Weigh Anchor' by Angel Wears.

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The Family of Logo said...

very nice! I don't even know what "smocking" is LOL!

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