Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Boys Clothes that I made

Remember from the last post that the clothes are wrinkled, still so. I took all the pictures the same day, but due to the time it takes to post, I couldn't get them all posted at once.

This bubble I made for Rance's first Christmas (2006). He had on white knee socks and white shoes.

I made this Jon-Jon for Anthony to wear Christmas of 2006. I put a long sleeve, white, turtle neck under it and he wore white knee socks with cute white toddler shoes.

I made Lee and Champ ties to match the little ones' outfits. Lee and Champ wore navy slacks and white shirts. Frank already had a shirt out of the almost exact same fabric (you had to look real close to see that it wasn't the same), he wore that shirt with navy slacks.

I remember I stayed up past one o'clock in the morning that year finishing the outfits. Christmas that year was on Sunday and I wanted all my boys to coordinate Christmas morning at church services. I had plans on making me a skirt to match, but that didn't happen. At least all my men matched. I will have to dig deep to see if I can find a picture of all of them together (I'm pretty sure I have one somewhere).

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The Family of Logo said...

hah! before I got to the end I was already thinking, "I bet she made a skirt for herself" too bad you didn't get around to it, I bet that would've looked great!

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