Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boy Stuff

Amanda at How Far We've Come suggested that I show some boy things (when she commented on the pillowcase dress). [She and I both have 4 boys.]

What a great idea! Why hadn't I thought of that? To be honest that's the reason that I started sewing about 4 years ago. When I would go into the store, there would be 1 rack of boy's clothing for every 10 racks of girl's clothing. Why can't boys dress cute too (without looking sissy)? So I began to try to sew (my mother years ago had taught me the basics, but I never pursued it). A lot of what I have sewn is trial and error (teaching myself more than just the basics and trying to remember the basics because I forgot a lot over time).

The thing about boys is you can only sew for them a little while. (Once they are potty trained jon-jons are not real practical.) And they get to a point that they don't want to look cute (sissy or not).

I have looked up some pictures of things that I have made in the past for my boys (and I will be looking up more pictures) and posting on them to give you mother's of boys some ideas.

Here is one of my favorites...

Pale yellow shirts with robin's egg blue collar and blue buttons on the front (buttons down the back are yellow), and matching robin's egg blue shorts. (I used heirloom fabric for the shirt and shorts.)

Here's Rance in the outfit (it just looked like he was posing).

Here are all 4 of my boys ready for church Easter Sunday (3 years ago, Easter of 2007). I like us all to coordinate. Lee and Champ had on light blue shirts and navy shorts (Frank had on a light blue Polo shirt and Navy dress pants and I had a light blue dress on).

The pattern is Diaper Shirt and Shorts #110 by Creations by Michie'. I love her stuff. It seems even in the sewing business there are 10 times more patterns for girls than boys, but Creations by Michie' has a great selection of boys' patterns. And they are so cute and different (not so cookie cutter). Michie' Mooney's have the heirloom look (which is what I love). Her patterns are also very easy to read, follow and make. They come together nicely.

You can buy her patterns here at Creations by Michie' or at specialty stores (like The Children's Corner and others). If you have girls, she has nice patterns for girls too.

I hope that my future DIL's will allow my grandkids to wear these outfits. (I plan on passing them down.) I like the idea that I may have created an heirloom. I'm very sentimental.

For more boy stuff, click here.

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Kelli said...

Hey, Jena, it's nice to "meet" you! I came here from Sandra's blog, Diary of a Stay-at-Home Mom and yes, I have 4 boys too. They are 15, 13, 10 and 6 and yeah, they do keep me busy! I make pajamas for them, I have for years, even as old as my 15 year old although he's starting to prefer the boxers or just pajama pants which is fine. I have one pattern that I have used that looks like scrubs that I think I could make in my sleep by now! LOL

It's Simplicity 9882 and it's one of the easy to sew ones, and it's really cute. The only hard part is the snap tape, and I've finally gotten good at that!

Good to see someone else with 4 boys, and I will be back reading your blog again!

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