Monday, June 1, 2009

Settin' Up Housekeeping

My grandfather made a table when he and my grandmother were "Settin' up housekeeping." My dad mentioned the table to me and asked if I wanted it. I said "Of course!!!!" Well, this was a while back and since we were having a birthday party and family was coming (lots of people) I needed an extra table. We went to dad's on Thursday and got it. It had been down in his basement and had some posterboard sitting on top of it. Somehow the posterboard had gotten wet and stuck to the table. This is how is looked when we got it...

Well, it cleaned up beautifully!!!!!!!!! Just a little elbow grease (not much), a Pampered Chef stoneware scraper, some Murphy's Oil Soap and a rag.

Dad says that he never remembers eating at this table. Did they get another one before he was born?

I love it! I love old things, especially when they used to belong to family (I'm very sentimental). I'll show another pic or two later.

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