Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Girl's Dress

This is a dress that I did for a friend of mine that is expecting a baby girl (her 3rd). It is red and white gingham (can you tell I like gingham?) trimmed in white with red buttons on the shoulders.

Here is the matching ponytail holder.

I love this style of dress. I think it is sweet and simple looking. She can wear it just like this in the summer. In the winter, can't you just picture it with a solid red or white turtle neck under it (for Christmas the turtle neck can have candy canes embroidered on the neck) with white tights and black patent Mary Janes? How about when the dress is too short for a dress? Picture it as a top with either denim or white capris and red flip flops. How darling?

I really like cute, but being a mom of 4 I usually go with practical (I try to throw in a little cute too though). If I give clothes, I try to give 12 months or larger (it seems everyone likes to give the "cute" newborn/baby sizes). I figure the new mom will get plenty of small sizes, but the baby will need clothes when he/she gets bigger too. Also, they outgrow the small sizes so quickly, they barely get worn (especially with so many). With a dress like this, you don't have to worry about what size she will be in during certain seasons. It works will all seasons.

Do you have a practical outfit that your kis/grandkids wear? Or one that you give? Or do you go for cute? (Cute is so hard to resist.)

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