Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Addition

We now have a new addition to our family (well actually 3 new additions). Our cat, M.C., had kittens last night. One is solid white, one is calico and the other one is a grey stripe.

We got our cat from someone giving it away. She said it was a stray (she tried to locate the owners, but was unable), but it was expecting and it was very early this spring and she didn't want to leave it out in the cold so she took it in. She already had a cat of her own and couldn't keep it.

By the time we picked her up she had just had her kittens (5) a couple of days before. They didn't make it. I don't know if it was because of the move, the temps or what. Because they all died almost immediately, she ended up with mastitis. I hope she has more luck with this litter.

She seems to be a great Momma Cat (that's where she got her name M.C.), she's also good with my boys. We had a stray dog show up a few days ago (we live out in the middle of nowhere and people are always dropping off animals they don't want - it is really sad). The dog is not much bigger than M.C., I heard him yelp this morning and ran out to see what was happening. M.C. was just protecting her kittens (I don't think the dog would hurt them - he is real timid - I think he was just curious). Does anyone want a sweet little male dog that needs a home desperately?

He's hiding under the boys' picnic table. He's good with the boys, but we just don't need him. He needs lots of love.


Paula said...

The kittens are so cute and so sorry about the dog drop off...I hate that people do that...if they don't want the animal then just drop it off at the human society. At least there if it isn't adopted they are humanly put down and not left to try and fend for themselves.

Jena said...

Yes, it is so sad. We try very hard to find them a home, but if we can't we do take them to the shelter. I hope we can find it a home. Starving to death or getting hit by a car because they have to fend for themselves seems so cruel. We've been here 7 years and I have lost count how many animals have been dropped off. (We are the only house around for quite some distance so I guess they all come here looking for a home.) Thanks for your concern.

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