Friday, June 12, 2009

God Given Talent

Have you ever thought about your creativeness? The ability and desire to make and create things was God given? I hadn't until Tamara Kelso came to our MOPS Scrapbook ing Luau (2008) and gave the devotion.

Here are some scriptures she gave to back up her thoughts (I wish you could have heard her, she was fantastic!).

Gen. 1:1
Exodus 31:3-6
I Peter 4:10

I had to fight back the tears when she was giving the devotion. She is an excellent speaker.

God is the Ultimate Creator. If He made us, why wouldn't He give some of us that same desire? I have always enjoyed crafting (making, creating, anything). Now I feel better about it, I no longer feel that it was just a hobby. I never thought about it as a talent or something given to me by God until now.

What is your God given talent?


Lana said...

I would have NEVER thought about it like that. God is the ultimate creator, and created us in his likeness, so of course, he's given us all the talent to create also. He loves us enough, to want to share the joy of creation just as he did.
Thank you for sharing that.

Jena said...

I had never thought about it that way either, until the devotion. But I totally love the thought. You're welcome.

Courtney said...

Hey there - I'm stopping over from your link at the well! Yes - I have discovered this same truth an it was so freeing - you are right - being creative is not just a hobby - but a gift from God and we were made in his image - so we ought to enjoy this gift!

I read an excellent book on this entire topic titled "The Hidden Art of Homemaking" by Edith Shaeffer. In it she explains how being artistic is a part of homemaking from baking fresh bread, to displaying pretty flowers in the kitchen to decorating the living room etc. So enjoy your creative side - it's a blessing to your family!


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