Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Beach Towel

I embroidered a beach towel for my SIL for her birthday later this month. It seems that I get their whole family the same thing each year for their birthday. Last year I got them each a camp chair and embroidered each of their names on the back of their chair (my 2 nephews, my SIL and my brother - I did not do this for my 3 yo nephew though). This year I got my 2 nephews beach towels with their names embroidered on them (you can see them here) and I am doing this for their mom too, so I will probably do this for my brother also. I may even do this for my nephew who will be 4 this year. (My SIL's mom has a pool and sometimes we all go to the lake with my dad - I thought it would be really neat, something cute and useful.) I did the camp chairs because they are always going to ball games and going camping. (Again I did the practical thing, but they are so hard to buy for I don't really know what else to do for them.)

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