Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick and Easy Half Apron

Update: 6/30/09 I finally took pictures of the apron (or I should say Champ took the pictures for me - Thanks Champ, you're a great photographer).

This picture is supposed to show the ties of the apron and not so much my backside (but it's hard to do one without the other - sorry).

Want to make a quick and easy half apron? I did this several years ago. Our women's club annual dinner had an apron theme and they wanted everyone to wear an apron. I didn't have one so I had to come up with something really quick. I took a dish towel (my was large green and ecru gingham check) and I took scrap fabric (ecru) and made 2 ties for it (you could use grosgrain ribbon - I think that would be great - I love grosgrain). I turned the dish towel so the long sides were on top and bottom (it was horizontal) and I sewed one tie to each top corner (you can machine stitch this, but you could also do it by hand because there aren't that many stitches). And taaaaa-daaaaaaaaa. You have a half apron.

Have you ever had to do something like that in a pinch? What was it and how did you do it? (Was it a child's costume? Was it decorating a hat for a special occasion?)


The Family of Logo said...

never really had to do anything in such a rush... but I love your idea! I don't have an apron and I should! Almost all of my pants are stained from wiping them when I'm in the kitchen, and with four boys, I'm always in the kitchen! Maybe I'll make myself one! thanks for the idea!
Sad there's no picture though...

The Family of Logo said...

thanks for the photo! you're so nice.

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