Friday, June 26, 2009

Blessing Others by Being Blessed

"I am willing to help others, but often times I am reluctant to let others help me."

Last night at church the class teacher had made the above comment. He asked how many of us that statement fit (just a question we didn't have to raise our hands). It fits me. Does it fit you?

Did you know that being a Christian part of our duty is to serve others? That's great, but if you don't allow others to serve you, you are robbing them of their Christian duty. Have you ever thought of that? I hadn't (until last night). Then this morning I was checking my e-mail and I read my MOPS Int. weekly e-mail and it was basically about the same thing.

How many times are we reluctant to allow others to help us? Is it pride? What is it? I am going to try to be more aware when people offer help and be more accepting of it. I really enjoy cooking for others in need (or other forms of helping), couldn't someone else enjoy helping me? Who am I to rob them of their chance to serve others as God wants us to? Will you be more accepting next time? Try.

How do you serve others? How has someone else served you?

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The Family of Logo said...

I love this post. I actually don't have a problem letting someone help me every once in a while and I'm always willing to lend a helping hand... however, the part of this post that really got me was how you heard the message at church and then God found a way to reinforce that message through MOPS. I just love it when that happens. It's like when I tell my kids, "if I say it more than once, I must REALLY mean it, so you should pay attention!"

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