Monday, June 29, 2009

I've Learned to Knit

I've learned to knit...well sort of. I just finished my first project. It was a small dishcloth made with a very small ball of leftover yarn. It is very lopsided, has several dropped stitches, it is just in one stitch (the knit stitch), but it is completed. It's pretty pitiful looking, but it's complete.

I'm really not disappointed. I remember my first few crochet attempts (pretty much the same). It will take time for me to get my tension right (not too tight and not too loose) and to learn other stitches (I am still learning new crochet stitches). My next attempt will be to learn how to pick up dropped stitches (or better yet, not to drop them) and to work on my tension. I am very slow, but I know that my speed will improve with my other knitting skills as I continue to practice.

I still enjoy crocheting, but I like the look of knitted items too (crochet and knit just look different). I also wanted to learn a new skill. I am happy that I taught myself (by book, YouTube, instructions, and lots of heart). And with 4 boys running around it was quite a feat.

What I learned (I will still have to check my cheat sheet for awhile)... cast on
...the knit stitch cast off/bind off.

YES, knitting is harder than crochet (I heard it was the other way around - if I learned to knit first I might agree, but right now I don't), but it is well worth it. And NO I'm not going to show my dishcloth. I am proud that I completed it, but it is still pitiful looking (the dishes won't mind).

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The Family of Logo said...

LOL! Good for you for trying something new!

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