Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Party Decorations Pix

I went to a restaurant supply store and purchased clear condiments bottles. I printed off the names of the condiments that I was using from the computer. Then I cut them out and using clear packing tape I applied them to the bottles. (The clear packing tape kept them attached to the bottles, but it also kept the lables clean.)

I then placed the bottles in this old (probably antique) 6 pack soda carrier. The Fanta drink carrier was my grandmother's also (my grandparents used to have a General Store).

I wish I had a picture of it on the table with the quilt. It looked really neat.

I like the look of the drink carrier, but it also made things kept the condiments contained in one area, it was easy to get from the fridge to the table and back to the fridge again. I meant to get some springs of ivy and I could have tied them to the handle. (In my mind it looks good, I will have to try it out sometime to make sure.)

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