Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Decorated Bucket

Last year I bought a galvanized oval bucket from Lowes. I primed it and painted it lime green and trimmed it in navy (I love those colors together). I trimmed it with a monogram (first initial of our last name) on both sides, a stripe around the middle and the handles.

I filled that full of ice and placed canned drinks, bottled water, and juice boxes in the ice. It was an easy and beautiful way to display the drinks.

We had a cooler of ice, so you could put ice in glasses for the jugs of sweet tea, fruit tea, and homemade lemonaid, but having the cans displayed this way kept the ice in the cooler from melting as fast (the lid wasn't opened as often) and it kept the ice a little cleaner (less hands and cans in the ice). I borrowed the idea (and colors - because I just love those colors together) from Momogram Momma.

I can also set potted plants down in the bucket at any time (and change them out with the seasons). Wouldn't it look welcoming and pretty next to your front door? You could do a lot with this beautiful bucket.

What colors would you decorate your bucket? What design would you use (a monogram, a theme, a picture)? Now how would you use your bucket? Where would you put it and what would you put in it? Let me know and send me pictures (I LOVE comments and pictures). I need inspiration, send me some comments please.

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