Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Pillowcases

I made a set of pillowcases for a Christmas gift. I made a set of plain pillowcases and dressed them up with red and white grosgrain ribbon. (The nice thing about red and white, it could be used at other times than just Christmas - say Valentine's Day or Independence Day - with some blue throw pillows).

For a standard/queen size pillowcase, I cut my fabric 40 inches x 36 inches (2 pieces for a set). I turned the long side under (to wrong side of fabric) 1/4 inch and pressed. (Do this to both pieces of fabric.)

I then turned under (to wrong side of fabric) 4 inches and pressed, then pinned and stitched. (Do this to both pieces of fabric.)

I then measured 2 pieces of the red and white striped grosgrain ribbon to 40" each. I pinned the ribbon over the seam that I just created, and stitched down both sides of the ribbon. [There will not be any raw edges showing when I am finished so I did not heat seal the cut edges of the ribbon, if there were going to be some ribbon edges showing I would then heat seal the ribbon edges.] Do this to both pieces of fabric.

Then I did French seams on the bottom and side of the pillowcase. [French seams are not necessary, but they add strength to the seam and they give it a very finished and professional look. I love French seams.] To make a French seam, you pin the fabric wrong sides together and sew (I did 1/2" seams). Trim your edges to 1/4" and turn your fabric inside out. Now your right sides should be touching. Press. Pin and sew (I used 1/2" seams again). Do this to both pieces of fabric.

Turn your pillowcase inside out and press. There you have your finished pillowcases.

Now when you look on the inside, there are no raw edges. You also covered up the hemmed edge with ribbon, so there are no raw edges anywhere to be seen.

TA - DA!!!!!!!!!!

You can do this with any pillowcase. Dress up the hemmed edge with ribbon, any ribbon. I love grosgrain because I love the way it looks, but it is also very durable. You can use holiday ribbon, or just holiday colors, you can use school/favorite team colors, the colors that coordinate with the room. Your possibilities are endless.

NOTE: Covering up the hem edge with ribbon will only work if the fabric is the same on both sides. Otherwise you will need to put the ribbon over the thread on the outside (right side) of the fabric.

For more ideas, check here, here, here, and here.

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