Sunday, January 31, 2010

Children's Workbook

I like to get my money's worth on the products I purchase and this is one way that I do that.

I purchased a workbook for my preschoolers (I got mine at the Dollar Store for $1, but I have seen these for as high as $7 or $8 - this would really make the expensive book more economical) . [You could do this for any puzzle or workbook.]

I found an old 3 ring binder and covered it with fabric to make it look better and more kid friendly. Since I have boys, I used a cowboy fabric in darker colors (to resist showing dirt).

I cut 2 lines on either side of the "ring" part of the binder, then I tucked it under the notebook before continuing to cover with fabric.

I folded the edges of the fabric to the inside of the notebook and secured using Mod Podge. This was my first time using this product. I have read rave reviews all over the blogosphere about it.

Then I covered the raw edges on the inside front and back covers with heavy cardstock. You could use other fabrics or materials, but that was what was easiest at the time, not sure how it will hold up (time will tell). This is not necessary, but I like the finished and neat look it gives. Makes it look much better.

I then tore out all the pages of the workbook (they were perforated, but even if they weren't I could use scissors or an exacto knife to cut them out) and put them in clear page protectors. [I already had these around the house, but they aren't that expensive.] I put these in the 3 ring binder.

I did purchase an inexpensive pencil bag to hold the dry erase markers (that I already had) and put it in the front of the notebook (along with a paper towel to erase).

Here is the finished workbook. We can take it with us wherever we go (great in the car) and we can use it over and over again. Anthony can practice writing his letters and Rance can too.


The Family of Logo said...

what a wonderful idea! I've used the dry erase idea with my Flylady chorechart booklet for my boys (so they can get the satisfaction of checking off the chores they've done) but never thought to use it for reuse in a work book! Thanks for the idea (as always!)

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

What a great idea!! You're such a smart mommy! :)
God bless,

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