Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick and Easy Scarf

I found this very cute, quick and easy scarf tutorial here. So, I just had to make one. I had some red felt left over from another project so I jumped right on it. (Fleece would probably be better/more durable, but I had felt and it doesn't have to be hemmed either, so I went with it.)

I don't like my hand work (I feel it isn't very good), but I did the blanket stitch around the edge anyway. I did it in brown (I love red and brown together), but I think black or white would look great too. (I know it doesn't show up in the picture, but like I said I don't like my hand work so I really don't mind if it showed up or not.)

The scarf works up really well and comes together rather quickly (with the exception of the blanket stitch). I put my scarf, embroidery thread, needle and scissors in a basket and carried them with me and worked on it while I was waiting in car rider line to pick the boys up from school.

This scarf is going to be a gift for a friend, but then I think I will make me one too. I love red (especially in the dreary winter months - it adds a punch of color). Red goes great with Christmas and Valentine's Day. I wish I found the tutorial before Christmas.

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The Family of Logo said...

This is extremely adorable! I have a facination with coasts/jackets to accesorize my outfits with, if I could stick with just one or two nice coats/jackets and use scarfs to accessorize, things would be much easier on the pocketbook, since I now know how to make them! Thanks!

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