Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Basement Remodel 5

Well, now that everything was starting to come together I was feeling very pleased. Now I started looking down and the stairs themselves looked, well...YUCK! I couldn't afford to carpet the stairs and basement (and I didn't really want to carpet the basement) and I couldn't afford to put hard wood on the stairs that matched the hardwood floors upstairs in the house (besides it wouldn't match the rustic barn look that I was going for). What can I do? Well, I had some left over paint (that makes it free right? - I can afford free).

This view is looking up the stairs.
I taped off the sides and began to paint. I had to do the outside edges first so that Frank could finish the walls and I wouldn't have to tape the walls off or worry about getting paint on the trim. Then I could do the center later.

This view is looking down the stairs.
Now our stairs are a U shape with 2 platforms where it turns the corner. It has 2 short stretches near the bottom and a longer stretch of stairs near the top (that's what I've been showing you).

Now guess what happened when we were painting the red down the sides of the stairs? Someone decided to come help and yep, stepped in red paint. Frank calmly picked Anthony up and put his foot on the wall (it was going to be covered up later) before taking him upstairs and putting him in the tub. The foot print was just below a spot I caught him writing on with Frank's carpenter pencil. This is not normal for Anthony, I assume because Frank had been marking on the wall (to know where to place the trim, etc.) that Anthony thought it was o.k. I almost fussed at him when I realized it would be covered up, then I traced his hand, added the date and told him to write his name there.

I painted the outside edges of the stairs in barn red and the inside mustard seed yellow. It mimics carpet, but much cheaper and I don't have to try to get the vacuum cleaner on the stairs.

You can see how we continued the metal up the stairs to match the basement. (Very durable with boys around.)

Here is one of the curtains that I made out of that great stripe fabric. I made valences for all the windows in the basement. I love our view and we don't have any neighbors so I don't really need curtains, but I feel they dress things up a bit. Also I wanted a way to help reduce the noise level in the basement (concrete floor, corrugated metal on the walls, etc. it just echoes in there).

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The Family of Logo said...

how stinking creative! I would've done the barn red down the center of the stairs and mustard seed yellow on the edges to cut out some scuff marks or dirt trails but I see why you did it this way (the walls are yellow! LOL! This is just fabulous!

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