Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Ruffles

You can get the FREE crochet pattern to this ruffled scarf from Lion Brand Yarn here.

It is very similar to the scarf that I made here, only in a different medium. Ruffles must be in this year! I am normally not a ruffles person (on skirts, blouses, etc.), but as an accent piece, I kinda like it.

I do like a splash of color. A red scarf with a white sweater, gray blouse or black jacket, a lime green scarf with a navy jacket or sweater, you get the picture. I am a neutral person. I love to wear neutrals, I gravitate toward neutrals, but it's great to liven them up.

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The Family of Logo said...

knitting and crocheting are just not anything I've gotten into... yet... ha! I'm a huge fan of color! in splashes for accents or as the entire piece! I love eclecticness! (a word? no?)

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