Monday, January 11, 2010

Basement Remodel 3

Well, now I had to convince Frank to go with the barn red. He was skeptical. He was afraid it would be too dark for a basement. (We have an unusual basement - we have lots of windows, only one side of the basement is underground, 3 sides are not). I called my cousin and spoke with her husband who works with Porter Paints and asked him to come look at it and give me some advice. They drove an hour to come see what we (I mean Frank) had done with the one small wall and metal and to advise me on the barn red.

James said he thought with all the windows we had, and with the metal reflecting light) that it wouldn't be too dark at all. So we proceeded with my original plan.

Of course the first wall I had to prime and paint was the one Frank had put the metal and barn wood on to see how it would look. I had to tape off and stuff first (not fun but necessary). Because Frank only finished one wall, painting the rest was easy (no taping, no being careful, etc.)

(If some of the walls have an "eggplant" color to them, that is the primer.) I don't have any more pictures of the work in progress in the basement because Frank doesn't like to paint and I was doing all the painting and I am the one that does all the picture taking. Also, when Frank was doing more work in the basement is when my camera was giving me fits so there aren't many pictures until I started using Champ's camera. That was winter 2008/2009.

Next was the stair case. I knew barn red would be too dark for that (it was narrow, no windows, etc.), what to do, what to do.

The boards are the scaffolding that Frank put up for me to start painting.

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