Monday, January 11, 2010

Wrapping Paper Roll Organizer

I saw this years ago (I believe on the Carol Duvall show, but I Googled it - actually Swagbucked it, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it - and couldn't find anything). I immediately made it and love it. I really don't know how long that I've had it, but it has held up great.

I took 2 strips of grosgrain ribbon 120" long each. (I used a 2 1/2 inch wide blue - because I already had that on hand and didn't have to purchase anything.) You could use any kind of ribbon to suit your decor (I love grosgrain and it holds up very well).

I made a loop and sewed the 2 ends together (I sewed a small rectangle instead of a straight line to make it a little more durable - not sure if that's how the directions said to do it or not - too long ago to remember). That becomes the bottom (so you don't see the sewn rectangle).

Then with the rectangle at one end, fold the loop in half. If you were to crease it (do NOT crease it), the part that you would crease would be the top. I then sewed a line across the top (a few inches down from where the crease would be if you creased it) of each ribbon forming a loop to hold a dowel rod (again I used a large one because that was what I already had on hand, but you really don't want a small flemsy one, you need one that will hold up). (Measure, both ribbons have to match, what you do to one ribbon - you have to do the exact same thing to the other ribbon or it will be crooked and won't work properly.) You also need to make sure your dowel rod will fit inside. You can staple the ribbon to the top of the dowel rod to keep it in place, I did not so that I can slide the ribbon wider apart for longer rolls of paper or slide them closer together for shorter rolls of paper. I also made it tight around my dowel rod so that it doesn't slip on it's own.

I then measured 12" down from the line that I sewed right under the dowel rod and sewed another line straight across both ribbons (to make a "pocket"). I then measured every 8" and continued to make "pockets".

I then got an over the door wreath holder (again because that's what I already had on hand) and centered my dowel rod on it and hung it on the back of my laundry room/craft room door. If you slam the door the rolls of paper will fall out or the dowel rod will shift on the wreath holder (I have never had the dowel rod to fall off though).

You can now place your rolls of wrapping paper in the loops or "pockets." I also have kraft paper (I love, love, love the stuff), aida cloth for cross-stitching that comes in tubes, rolls of clear contact paper, or whatever comes in a roll. This way the ends don't get damaged standing up in a box or something. This would be great to hang on the back of a closet door or any where out of the way.

I made this so long ago, that I don't actually have a real tutorial to explain the steps (I tried to take pictures the best I could with a finished product) and I may have left out a step or two (again because it was so long ago since I made it). If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me and I will try to answer them the best way that I can.

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