Monday, August 24, 2009

Scooby Pillowcase

O.K. Anthony started Pre-K. Today was his first full day. Last week he went until 11:00, this week until 2:00. It was lonely (for me) and quiet. Rance didn't seem to notice. He got all of the attention, all of the toys, and the computer to himself.

Over the weekend, I made Anthony a new pillowcase for Pre-K. They lay down and take a nap or rest and the school asks for a blanket, pillow and towel to cover the mat (mat provided). I sent his monkey towel, I had a travel size pillow, but I didn't have a pillowcase for it (the ones that I had made in the past were in use here at home).

Last week we went to Hobby Lobby and he picked out Scooby Doo fabric (I picked out the trim - he didn't really like it, he wanted all of it to be Scooby, but I thought his name wouldn't show up as well on the print fabric). After he saw the finished pillowcase, he was pleased. (I did it the same way that I showed you how in my tutorial except this one was travel size instead of full size.)

I didn't time myself exactly, but I got home Friday around 11:30 (after picking Anthony up) and was finished before 1:00. I'm not sure exactly what time I started, plus I had to stop and fill up sippy cups, break up fights over toys, kiss boo boos, help 'go potty,' answer the phone and a few other mommy things. So you see, making the pillowcase is actually pretty quick and very easy (even with extra steps). The first time may take you a little longer, but the more you do the quicker and easier they are to make. You can whip one up in no time.

I think it is supposed to be a Scooby Doo camo print.

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