Friday, August 7, 2009

Memo to Pillowcase Tutorial

I just wanted to say that making a pillowcase is great for a beginner or someone learning to sew. It is fairly quick and easy (it can be completed in one afternoon). There are many ways to make a pillowcase (mine is just one way), see here for another way (it shows how to do trim, but with out making the "tube" that I made).

If you wanted to make it like a purchased pillowcase (all 1 piece of fabric), you cut it 43 inches by 36 inches.

1) Take one side (43" long) and fold it over to wrong side of fabric 1/8" and press.
2) Take the pressed edge and fold it over again (to wrong side) 4" and press.
3) Stitch on the right side of fabric slightly less than 4" from folded edge.
4) Fold fabric in half (it should now measure approximately 21 1/2" by 32").
5) Sew the bottom (21 1/2") raw edge and go up the side (32") raw edge,
6) Clip 2 bottom corners.
7) Turn right side out and you are finished.

These make great gifts...

1) for wedding gifts
2) birthday gifts
3) great for sleepovers (your child will know for sure which pillow is his/hers)
4) great for going to camp (use your child's favorite colors, school colors, favorite characters, etc.)
5) great for holidays (get holiday fabric on clearance after the holidays - make these all year long and give them as gifts on that holiday)
6) great for High School graduates going off to college (do in school colors)

See Pillowcase Tutorial Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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