Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pillowcase Tutorial - Part 2

Part 2 to a Pillowcase Tutorial. Check out Part 1 here first.

Fold the coordinating fabric over the top of the "roll" that we just created. Make sure that the wrong side of the coordinating fabric is now on the outside.

Pin all 3 layers together (4 if you basted trim on the main fabric) along the raw edge..

All 3 layers pinned together. Now sew along the raw edge, leaving both ends open. It will make a tube. While sewing be extremely careful not to sew part of the roll on the inside (only the raw edge).

This is the tube all sewn up. Don't panic. Trust me. This will work.

Grab the center of the main fabric on the inside and gently pull.

Keep gently pulling. It looks like a mess, but it will work out. I promise (as long as you didn't sew part of the roll). Trust me. The tube will start to come right side out. You should start seeing more of the main fabric and the right side of the coordinating fabric.

TA - DA!!!!!!!! (Sorry the picture is sideways. I didn't realize it until too late and I want to finish this post instead of correcting the picture before I have company.)

Here it is all pulled out straight. You can see the trim a little better now. I thought I wanted it, but now I wish I hadn't added it. Oh, well. It's not so bad that I want to take it apart and take it out.

Part 3

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