Sunday, August 2, 2009

Matthew 5:41

John, our preacher, preached a whole sermon this morning on this verse.

Matthew 5:41 "And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain." KJV

It was a very inspiring sermon. It is a short verse, but it says alot. How often do we go the second mile?

He had also mentioned a multi-millionaire retiring at age 38 and at his 'retirement party' he would give the secret to his success. It was..."And then some." He said he always did what was asked of him in school 'and then some.' He did the same at college and had places asking him to come work for them. He did the same at work and he became very successful. He opened his own company and it grew, he opened more companies, etc.

Basically this man followed one of God's principles and he went the extra (second mile). I have no idea if this man knew God or not, but God teaches in other verses throughout the bible this same principle.

Whether I ever become a millionaire or not, I know that I am going to be working on going the second mile. More often than not, I complain or resist the first mile much less go the extra mile. It is nice when others go the extra mile for me, so I will try to do the same for others.

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*carrie* said...

What a wonderful reminder! Thanks for sharing.

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