Monday, August 3, 2009

Lee's Cake

This is a cake that Lee designed and decorated himself. He drew it out on paper first and told me what ingredients he needed. I got what he needed at the grocery store.

It didn't turn out quite like he had planned, but I think he is pleased with it anyway.

This is supposed to be a pond or a stream. He asked for blue jello to make the water. He made the jello all by himself, but he had used "tainted" water and it didn't taste good. [The "tainted" water was from the fact that I was going to make mac-n-chees and I had put salt water on to boil, then realized we were out of milk and I just turned the stove off and left the salt water there. Lee didn't realize the water had salt in it and used it for the jello.] He didn't miss a beat and improvised, we made blue icing.

The green icing was the grass. We ran out of the green icing we made (and it is difficult to match shades), so he finished up with blue to make it look like the stream was running around the side of the cake.

The pretzel sticks/rods are trees. He wanted to use icing on the tops of the trees for leaves. I told him the icing was too thin and wouldn't stay up there, what we really needed was some "green" chocolate (like the kind Wilton makes in meltable wafers and you can get from Hobby Lobby).

He used teddy grahams. Some of them are laying on 'beach towels' made from a striped gummy candy (did you see a couple of 'beach towels' laying on the tree branches?). He has some teddy grahams swimming and diving in the water. He has a teddy graham doing a hand stand on land.

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Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

Such a cute cake! he did a great job!
God bless,

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