Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's All in the Details

Here are a few more basement picutres that I have been meaning to post, but keep forgetting. (I also have several projects that I have completed over the last few months that I keep forgetting to take pictures of and post, will try to get to that real soon.)

Well, I found a light fixture that I like for the stairs down to the new basement. It looks like an antique lantern.

Frank did extra work to make things look nice for our new basement. Around the outlets he built them up with the reclaimed barnwood (he had to do that some because of the corrugated metal), then I used the metal plate covers.

Can you guess what the barn (faux birdhouse) is made of?

Crown moulding. Yep! I saw this idea several years ago (like 15 or so, so I can't remember where - sorry). Frank's brother is a contractor and I asked him to keep his eyes open for scrap pieces of crown moulding. Of course being the BIL that he is he had to ask 'why?' before he would agree. I told him I wanted to make decorative birdhouses out of them. So, he picked me up several pieces and actually made me some. Frank and I painted this one to look like a barn (I used to collect cow items and I thought it would be appropriate - now I can still use it). It was our first time using crackle paint (so it's not so good, takes a little practice to use that stuff - must follow directions EXACTLY). I will see if I can get hubby or BIL to do a tutorial for me on the faux birdhouses. (I guess you could make real birdhouses out of them, but I just wanted mine for decorative purposes only. Mine doesn't have a hole for the door for the bird, it doesn't have a bottom, and there are no hinges to clean it out. You see it would be slightly more complicated to make a real one, but it could be done.)

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