Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes

I had to make 3 cakes for this weekend. I did a birthday cake (supposed to look like Hannah Montanna's guitar) for a 4 yo girl. Her birthday party was supposed to be last Saturday originally, but due to the snow, it was rescheduled for this weekend. Frank's family also had their family birthday party scheduled for last weekend - where his sister lives (2 hrs. away) and it was rescheduled for this weekend. So I had to do 2 cakes for Friday, we were gone all day today and I have to have the last cake for tomorrow. Luckily I was able to do most of tomorrow's cake yesterday and finished up the details after we got home tonight. So I am officially done, I just have to deliver the last one tomorrow.

This was supposed to be 2 shades of purple, but it turned out pink and purple. I also had never used whipped cream frosting (only buttercream) and it was harder to work with than I thought. It is not very consistent, the stars that I made didn't keep their shape very well, you have to keep it and everything that you are using with the whipped cream frosting cold, the gel or paste food coloring doesn't mix in well but the liquid food coloring makes it too runny. All in all, it was o.k., but it was not one of my best cakes.

The next cake I made was for a baby shower, it was a 3 tier cake with fondant. It took forever. The cake had to travel for over an hour, so I took it to the lady in 3 separate boxes for her to assemble the cake when she got there (I thought it would travel better - I hope it did). It was a 'Pea in a Pod' cake in pink and green. She wanted stripes, polka dots, something similar to a harlequin design, and a pea in a pod.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the completed cake (I didn't think to ask the lady to take one for me once it was assembled). :o( Maybe you can imagine it.

Top layer

Middle layer

Bottom layer

The last cake (and quite possibly my favorite) was a birthday cake for a 13 yo boy. (He is a Boy Scout and his mom said she wanted it to look Boy Scoutish or outdoorish.)

I am out of pretzel sticks, so before I deliver it tomorrow, I am getting pretzel sticks and making them to stand in the middle of the rock circle (like firewood).

To say the least, I am all caked out. I don't even want to smell cake or frosting for awhile. I have another cake to do later on this month. Maybe I'll be ready by then.

The worst thing about cake decorating is that you can't do much ahead. I want the cakes fresh, so I wait until the last minute to make them. You can't make the whipped cream frosting ahead of time because it will become weepy, you can't do the fondant ahead of time because it will become brittle. So I started baking cakes on Wednesday and started decorating cakes on Thurs. Alternating baking, cooling, cleaning the pans and utensils, baking again, decorating first cakes, cooling cleaning, you get the picture. 3 cakes in 4 days.

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Werries Family said...

LOVE them all!!! You rock!!! You need to have classes!!

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