Friday, February 19, 2010

Ami's Amazing Chicken Dip

My friend Ami makes this great Chicken Dip (not sure what the real name is, but you know what I think of it). I've had this dip several times when Ami made it, but I always failed to get the recipe. (Yeah, I know - I don't know what's wrong with me either.) But thankfully I've got this other friend, Amanda, who was thoughtful enough to get the recipe and post it on her blog (you can get the recipe here). So, thanks to Amanda I had a chance to make it myself (see above picture). Anthony (4) loves it, just without the pickles (he means peppers).

I love spicy food, so I have been adding extra peppers to mine before I eat it. I also used block cheese and shredded it myself (I prefer block cheese, it melts better and it is cheaper, plus it gives the boys a job to do when they want to help out).

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The Family of Logo said...

I too am a huge fan of spicy foods and will definitly be giving this recipe a go! Thanks for sharing.

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