Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skittering Ladybugs

This is a dress that I came up with. There are 2 ladybugs skittering across the dress. The ladybugs are red and black (they leave a red and white gingham trail) appliqued on a navy and white gingham fabric. The dress is fully lined in solid navy blue. There are 2 red and black ladybug buttons at the shoulders.

This is a closeup of the ladybug buttons (sorry, it didn't come out too clear - I took several pictures and this was the best one).

This dress is posted on my Etsy site (see my button to the right). It will probably be a one of a kind because the ladybugs were a nightmare to do. (I did my own applique - the ladybugs weren't purchased). I am pleased with how it turned out, sometimes I get this great idea (at least I think it's great) and then it doesn't turn out at all how I had it pictured in my mind. This was exactly how I had it pictured.

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