Thursday, May 14, 2009

I LOVE our local library!!!!!!!!!

Have you checked out your library lately?

Reasons that my family loves the library...
1) It's FREE
2) You have an almost unlimited supply of books (for FREE)
3) You can check out movies (for FREE) - our library allows you to keep movies and books for 2 weeks
4) They have summer reading programs to encourage children to read, especially during the summer (for FREE)
5) They sell used books (really cheap)
6) They have story hour (for FREE)
7) They have all sorts of activities (for young and old alike - book clubs, knitting circles, etc.) - for FREE
8) You can check out audio books (for listing to on long drives, during your workout, while you are on the computer or doing a craft) - for FREE
9) You can even download books from your library, through your computer for your I pod, MP3 Player, etc. (for FREE)
10) Oh, and did I mention that it's all FREE!!!!! (Great for any budget, but especially for our family of 6 living on one income.)
11) and much much more (for FREE)

Check out your local library today.

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