Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pregnant Belly Cake

These are the supplies that I used to make the cake shown above. You can get them all at or your local craft store.

This is the 'Mini Romance Cookie Cutter Set.' I used the flower shape to cut out flowers from pink fondant. You could use blue fondant for a baby boy shower, you could also use a circle shape for polka dots on the cake dress (the cake that I saw actually had the polka dots instead of flowers).

This is the Mini Ball pan. It is like a 6 piece muffin pan (except they are rounded so that if you put 2 together it would make a small ball). I used 2 to make the breasts.

This is the Sports Ball cake pan. I used 1/2 (or 1 pan from the set) to make the belly of the cake.

I took one cake mix and mixed it according to package directions. Then 1/2 of the mix filled 1 pan from the Sports Ball cake pan and the other half filled the Mini Ball cake pan (all 6 compartments). After baking the cake, I allowed it to cool while I made my butter cream frosting. After the cake cooled, I trimed it up so it would sit level.

I placed the 'belly' cake in the middle of the foil covered cake board (I should have placed it a little higher), I then placed the 2 'breasts' cakes directly above and touching the 'belly.' I then iced them with the butter cream frosting.

I took white fondant (you could use any color or you could get white and tint it any color you like) and took a small part of it and tinted it pink for the flowers. I then rolled the remaineder of the white fondant into a big oval shape. When it was big enough I placed it over the iced cakes and trimmed the edges off (right next to the cakes at the top - see picture above), then flaired out near the bottom to give it a 'dress' look.

I took the pink fondant and rolled it out, I cut strips out of it to go across the top of the 'belly' for the sash of the dress. I used smaller strips to make the bow. Attach fondant to fondant with a small new paint brush and clear vanilla flavoring (paint the flavoring to the small fondant and place it on the 'dress' fondant). Cut out flower shapes and attach them to the cake in the same manner.

Very easy and very cute.

See more pictures here.


Paula said...

That cake is so cute! And it looked like a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

I love the cake too cute!!

florena's cakes said...

Hi there! A nice cake you have here! Good lock in the future!

Jena said...

Thanks! It was a fun cake to do and relatively easy. (That's what I's easy, but looks difficult.) ~Jena

Anonymous said...

can you tell where i can find the mini ball pan oh and i love your cake good job

Jena said...

I purchased my mini ball pan from a local cake decorating/supply store. You can also get it from if you can't find it locally (I would check at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, and restaurant supply stores in your area).

Jessica said...

How many people did the cake feed?

Jena said...

Since it only uses 1/2 a cake mix, it feeds about 6-8 people. I usually use the other 1/2 of the cake mix and make a dozen cupcakes with it (in matching colors). If you needed to feed more people, you could do more cupcakes or you could do a sheet cake and put the pregnant belly on top of the sheet cake.

nicole layne said...

Hello! I have been asked to make a belly cake and I was wondering how much should i charge. I have the Wilton ball kit for the boobies and a large metal mixing bowl for the belly. This will serve 20+ people. Thank you for your time. Nicole

Jena said...

Nicole, this is how I came up with what I charge for a cake. I literally figured up what it cost me (cake mix(es) plus ingredients, ingredients for icing, fondant, etc.). Then I had to figure up what my time was worth and add that into the mix. I usually charge less for family and friends (donate my time). Sometimes that becomes my gift to them (I may donate the whole cake for a friend's baby shower in lieu of a gift - I make sure they know that the cake is my gift to them).

Groceries have gone up since I have made a Pregnant Belly Cake and I know that the cost of groceries varies depending on where you live. It is a little work to figure out what the ingredients cost, but I wrote it all down in a note book so I can glance at it anytime and wrote it in pencil so I can make changes. (Ex. If eggs go up a couple of cents a dozen, I wouldn't change anything, but if they go up a couple of dollars a dozen, then I would adjust my price).

It's very hard for me to tell you what to charge, but I hope this helps to give you an idea. You could also call around to local bakeries and ask what a fondant cake that feeds 20 people would cost.

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