Thursday, May 7, 2009

My New Button - Grab It

How do you like my new blog button? You know, the one there on the right? Right over there. Take a look. Do you like it? If so grab it.

I want to send Moms by Heart a great big "Thank You" for explaining (in layman's terms for me) how to get a blog button.

I want to send a huge, super duper "THANK YOU" to Siggie Town for creating my button for me. Dedi did an excellent job. I didn't give her any specifics (which may have made it harder, but I was trying to make it easier) as to what I wanted, just some general guidelines.

I love leaves and she used leaves in the background of my button (and I didn't even tell her I like leaves). I couldn't be happier. Thanks Dedi and thanks Siggie Town.

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