Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Craft Journal

I have a crafting journal. Everytime (well almost) I make something, I write it down in a journal ($1 at the Dollar General Store).

What I include in my journal...
*the date that I started the project,
*the date that I finished the project,
*what it was,
*information about the pattern (name or number, brand, book/magazine name with issue and page #, etc. - everything that I can about the pattern),
*recipient of my project,
*materials used,
*picture of completed project (if I have one),
*swatches of fabric, yarns, ribbons, etc. used in project,
*where I got the idea (if it is original),
*and any other information that I might feel interesting or useful.

It is a great inspiration for future projects when you look back at it. It brings back good memories too. I have read pieces of my great-grandmother's journal and in that she included quilts she made and details about them (it was very interesting).

I really should do a daily journal and include crafts, new recipes I try, etc. (I'm just really not that ambitious yet.)

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