Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diaper Bag

For some reason I can't get all of my diaper bag pictures on this post so I will post the rest on another post.

I made this diaper bag for a lady that I used to work with. It is a custom made, personalized diaper bag. She already had the camouflage fabric and requested it be lined in red with her son's name embroidered in red. She also requested a couple of pockets on the outside.

This picture is of the back of the diaper bag with the exterior pockets.

This is the red lining on the interior of the diaper bag.

I took a piece of corrugated plastic and covered it in the same fabric that the diaper bag is lined with. It will be placed in the bottom of the bag for a sturdier bottom. I used the corrugated plastic in case of a bottle/sippy cup leak (once wet cardboard would be ruined). I made the cover over the bottom removable (for washing).

I also (as an added extra - she didn't request this) made a removeable cell phone case.

I used red thread and a red button on the cell phone case to tie in with the diaper bag being lined and monogrammed in red.

The rest of the diaper bag pictures are here.

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