Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Late Valentine

I really meant to show these before Valentine's Day, but I didn't get around to it. Maybe it will help you for next year.

I am pretty sure I got this idea from Char at Crap I've Made, but I couldn't find it when I looked on her blog. Maybe she did a guest post on it somewhere. If it wasn't Char I apologize because I really do like to give credit where credit is due.

I traced a heart shaped cookie cutter (fairly large) and then cut it out and on one side I wrote TO: and FROM: and had Anthony fill them out. Then I cut out 28 hearts. (I need 2 hearts for each Valentine and there are 14 kids in Anthony's class - minus him.) I filled out 13 more with the TO: and FROM: (for a total of 14). I filled out Anthony's name on one of them to make sure that it fit.

On one side of the 14 other blank hearts I wrote, "You break my heart."

I then filled them with conversation hearts (I counted out 12 for each Valentine - I didn't want any kindergartener to think someone had more than they did) and stapled around the edges. So they have to "break" them to get the candy out.

For the boys' teachers I did simple Valentines. I cut out heart shapes and wrote on them, "Teacher, I hope your Valentine's Day is all 'write'." I used a heart shaped hole puncher (just because I already had it) and then tied ribbon through it and around a couple of red ink pens. I had the boys sign their name on them.

I had the boys give a heart with a set of pens to each of their teachers. Lee and Champ are in middle school now (Lee has 4 teachers and Champ has 5 teachers), so I couldn't do much of a Valentine gift (I couldn't afford to). I thought it would be appropriate though (teacher's and red pens for grading, red pens for Valentine's Day).

Anthony's teacher got a little more (plus he had a student teacher in his classroom). I gave his teacher and the student teacher the set of pens Valentine and heart shaped crocheted dish cloths (in pink or red cotton yarn), hand lotion and air freshner.

The ink pen idea is one you can do anytime. I did it for Valentine's Day, but you could do it for Teacher Appreciation Week, just because, or any holiday. (Teacher I hope your ____(fill in the blank)___________ is all "write.")

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