Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cake for Cub Scout Blue & Gold Ceremony

My DH volunteered me to make the cake for the Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Ceremony at a committee meeting (I don't go b/c he's the Pack Master and needs to go, so I keep the kids at home so he isn't distracted). A friend of mine on the committee called me a day or two later to let me know what Frank had volunteered me for. It's a good thing to b/c he didn't tell me until a few days before. (She figured this might happen and gave me a 'heads up' - what a friend, same friend that consoled me here.)

(The Blue & Gold ceremony celebrates the Cub Scout Organization's birthday.)

I couldn't find navy food coloring so I did the best I could to make my own (if I had planned better, I could have ordered it online).

If you look at the top picture, there are navy and gold dots on the sides - just so it doesn't look so plain.

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