Friday, December 3, 2010

And you thought your week was bad...

...I can talk about this now.

I just had my 40th birthday on Nov. 5. That hasn't really bothered me (I mean it's much better than the alternative). My birthdays have never bothered me, but people do.

On Wednesday, Nov. 3 (2 days BEFORE my birthday), I was in the check out lane of an establishment (who will remain nameless) and the clerk said that my grandson was very cute. [He was my youngest son, Rance, he's 4.]

Me: "Thank you, but he's mine."
Clerk: "Oh! Well, we are offering a Senior Citizen's discount today. Are you over 55?"
Me: "No. It will be awhile."

O.k. I just said that he was my son and NOT my grandson. Then she proceeds to ask if I'm a Senior Citizen?!? How old would I have to be to have him? She didn't even ask if I was 55 (which at the time I wasn't even 40 yet), she asked if I was OVER 55. Did she mean 56? Did she mean 65? I was pretty upset (although, I didn't let her know it).

I went out to the car and called my DH and told him the story. He laughed.

Me: "Did you just laugh at me?"
DH: "What did you expect me to do?"
Me: "I don't know, but not laugh at me."

Note: This is not the first time I had been mistaken for Rance's grandmother. It happed twice last year. My husband and I had discussed this and biologically it could happen. He could be my grandson...and if he were, I would be very proud to be his grandmother, but he's not and I'm not! I am his mother and would love for people to know it.

Well, I then called a close friend of mine (she also chose to have children later on in life and we have discussed the benefits).

Me: "Hey! There are benefits to having kids later in life. Right?"
M: "Which one do you want to kill?"
Me: "It's actually not my kids. It's someone else."

Insert above story here.

M: "Where are you at?"
Me: I told her.
M: "Give me 15 min. and I'll be there."
Me: "No, you don't have to come. I just needed some re-assuring."
M: "Yes, I am coming. We are going out for consolation ice-cream."

We went and I whined to her and then we laughed about it and I was in a much better mood after that. Aren't friends great?!?!

I told my DH what she had done and then I said, "See, that's what you were supposed to do. Console me, not laugh at me."

Wait! Don't stop reading yet. The story is not over. It gets better.

Our anniversary was on Sat., Nov. 13 (a week and a day after my birthday). Some friends of ours volunteered to watch the boys and let them spend the night so Frank and I could have a date night on Friday night (for our anniversary).

Friday (Nov. 12) Rance and I were running errands while the other 3 were in school and another lady commented on how cute and sweet my grandson was (just 9 days after the first incident). After I picked up the boys from school and dropped them off and Mr. & Mrs. B's house, I called Frank and said that I was going to be late meeting him for our dinner date.

DH: "Why? Did something happen?" (I think he was thinking, car trouble or something minor. But it wasn't minor, it was MAJOR!)
Me: "Someone mistook me for Rance's grandmother AGAIN! I am going to get my hair cut."
DH: "Do you think it is your hair?"
Me: "I don't know, but that's where I'm starting."

And, after letting my hair grow out for a year. I got it all cut off.

Side note: When in doubt...DON'T! If you even think it is someone's grandchild, don't say it. Call it his/her child. If you are wrong and it is their grandchild, you would have just made them feel better and possibly made their day. If you are correct and it is their child, then no harm done. P. S. Same goes for being pregnant. When in doubt - DON'T!

That reminds me. A week before the above incident took place, a lady asked me when my next baby was due. I am NOT pregnant!!!

Please pray for my husband...he is married to a pregnant Senior Citizen. Talk about hormones!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Disclaimer: This part is a joke, I am not pregnant nor am I a Senior Citizen.)

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kristen said...

People say the rudest things sometimes. :( Sorry you had a bad week!

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