Monday, March 14, 2011

Toe Art

I am NOT an artist, so the post title may not be completely accurate. Anyway, Anthony has to bring Kindergarten readers home. Books that are 8 pages long with words and sentence structure that he has been studying. His teacher asks that the children read each book a minimum of two times (more if they need it).

Anthony read it to me once and did fine, but he didn't want to read it a second time - he wanted to go play. Since he was hurrying up, he started making mistakes. I had a pen in my hand and as a joke, I took the pen and made a mark on his toe when he made a mistake. I told him that I would make 1 mark for every mistake he made (which turned into faces).

He realized that these were marks of mistakes and began to make an effort again. What you see above is the final result. (He missed 10 out of 133 words - not bad for a Kindergartener).

After we were done and they were no longer marks for mistakes, he asked me to draw a different face on each toe (angry, silly, jealous - which I didn't do b/c I had no idea how, etc.). This is the end result of that.

How do you motivate your children?

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Tima Murrell said...

Not sure if this would motivate or distract Dominic. Great idea if it works. =)

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