Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas is Over

I have been busy making most of the gifts for the people on my Christmas list, so that left no time for blogging...sorry. But, now maybe I can catch up on my blogging and now that Christmas is over, I can show you what I've been up to.

For my nieces and nephews, I made them all personalized throws. I made fleece blankets and serged the edges and embroidered their names on them. Maybe that will keep them warm and cozy this winter.

We have had lots of snow (for this area anyway). The kids were out almost 1 week before Christmas break. After Christmas break they went back for almost a week (were out the last day, Friday - didn't actually snow, but the weather forcasters were predicting a huge snow storm - for this area - they missed it and the snow didn't come until Saturday). We have been out this whole week so far and I am guessing that they will be out tomorrow too (it isn't getting above freezing so the snow isn't melting). It is supposed to get above freezing over the weekend.

I have been wanting to learn to knit and because of the weather I have not left my house since going to church on Sunday. Since I have been homebound, that has left me lots of time to learn to knit and I think I've got it. Just the basics anyway, now I just have to practice and perfect it. It's fun. I still enjoy crocheting. They each offer something different, but I'm having so much fun learning a new skill.

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