Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Christmas Goodies - Spa Set

My husband's family usually has their Christmas on New Year's Day (or sometime on New Year's weekend - depends). This year is was Jan. 2. They also play Dirty Santa with the adults (his family is large and it would be too expensive to buy for everybody). This year, they decided that the Dirty Santa gift had to be hand made and this is what I made.

I chose white terry cloth for my spa set. It gives the spa feeling, it is crisp and clean looking and can be bleached to keep that look. Terry cloth is fairly soft and somewhat durable

This is a white terry-cloth spa towel wrap. I took a large bath towel (you could also use a bath sheet) and I folded down one long side and made a casing for elastic. Then I cut the elastic a little shorter than the towel and fed it through the casing. Then I sewed both ends of the elastic into the end of the casing. I then added a wide strip of velcro and I did a really long strip - so it could be used by someone small or large - of the loop side (because it is softer) to the side that would be facing out (it would actually touch under your arm). Then I sewed a large square of the hook tape to the side that would be facing in. (Not sure if all that is clear - I know what I'm thinking and I hope you can read my mind.)

For the neck wrap I used white terry cloth fabric and I sort of used the tutorial here, but I did things a little different. (You know I have to do things my way.) I made a cover for it (so the cover can be washed), and I added a button on the cover and added a piece of elastic to the actual neck wrap. Hook the elastic from the neck wrap over the button on the cover so it won't slip down inside the cover.

I added 2 ribbon ties on each end so that the neck wrap wouldn't just fall out of the cover. I filled the neck wrap with rice. I included a sheet of paper that told what each item was and it included instructions with the neck wrap (can be heated in the microwave or can be cooled in the fridge or freezer).

I also made a washcloth. I crocheted it out of white cotton (I Love This Cotton brand). I just made a chain until I had it as wide as I wanted and then used single crochet and continued until it was a square shape.

They eye mask was made of white terry cloth (I put an inner layer of dark, heavy weight fabric in between the 2 layers of white terry cloth to keep the light out). I use the tutorial from here. There are tons of sleep mask instructions/tutorials, but I liked the one from Michael Miller the best. I liked the way it looked and it was easily assembled. Very quick to make too.

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The Family of Logo said...

that is so brilliant! If I were in that extended family I'd hope to receive that gift! I might just have to make one for myself!

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