Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crocheted Cuties

Champ was perusing the internet and saw a cute little Mario Brother's mushroom made out of yarn.

He said, "Hey mom. Look at this! Can you make one?"

I cannot make my own patterns, but I can follow a pattern. I told him that if I found a pattern, I could make one. After just a minute or two on Swagbucks (I love them - scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up if you are not already signed up) I found this pattern here.

I made the red mushroom first. The boys thought that it was the cutest thing (I thought it was pretty cute myself). They all said, "I want one too!" So, I made 3 more (and I did them all in different colors - so they would know which one belonged to them). Anthony and Rance took theirs to church with them on Sunday (they make really great church toys - not noisy, even if they are dropped) and my nephew wanted one, so I will make him one soon.

It's an easy pattern to follow and fun to make. I thought about making a few for the treasure box in Anthony's class (we will have to see about that - I have other projects that I want to do too).

1 comment:

The Family of Logo said...

how cute are those!?! I can't crochet but I can admire! What a great gift/craft idea.

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