Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Sentimentals

A friend of mine from asked if I could embroider some handkerchiefs for a family member. Someone had passed from this world and they wanted to present the family with a keepsake item (not the traditional plant or angel) and they also wanted it to be practical (you know how I love practical).

They had me embroider handkerchiefs with the deceased's initials and the birth & death date. It will be a memento of their loved one and if they need a hanky during the funeral - they will have one handy.

I absolutely love that idea. How thoughtful.

She brought me some ladies' handkerchiefs and some men's handkerchiefs. The ladies' handkerchief already had white flowers embroidered in one corner (that's the reason I chose white thread for the embroidery that I was doing). It was a smaller handkerchief and since it was for ladies, I did it was a more feminine font. For the men's handkerchiefs I used a block style font and continued with the white thread so they all looked alike.

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