Friday, January 21, 2011

Knitting Fun

I have been working on teaching myself to knit for quite sometime (since summer of '09 - I think). I was able to do a small garter stitch (only) rectangle that I used for a dishcloth. I was wanting to improve my skills and learn other stitches, but since it is a new thing for me it takes concentration and sometimes it is hard for me to do (concentrate) with a house full of boys.

Since Christmas (the hustle and bustle, the too many irons in the fire) is over, I have tried again (and with the snow we've been getting - it has been easier).

I first made a "Letter Dishcloth" - I did "B" first (for my last name). I was so excited that as soon as I finished it I began using it right away and forgot to take a picture. It was not perfect, by the time I reached the end of the dishcloth I had 3 extra stitches on my needle (I had already taken it out and restarted like 5 times - so I figured that I could live with just 3 extra stitches). You can find the knitting alphabet dishcloth patterns here (along with some others that I want to try).

Then I did another "B" and didn't have any extra stitches. I gave that one away before taking a picture also. Then I did an "E" that you see above. I have someone very special in mind to give this too. I am still working on my tension, but it will come. I remember when I learned to crochet - the tension just got better with practice.

Now, I've found illusion knitting and I just think that is really cool. Below, you can see that I've knitted a pink ribbon (for breast cancer awareness) - get that pattern here. I'm giving that away to someone special too.

What is neat about illusion knitting is from the top, it just looks like striped...

...but from an angle (it has to be a certain angle), you can see the design.

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