Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everlasting Bucket of Snowballs

In the January/February 2011 printed issue of Midwest Living Magazine, on the Table of Contents page, the background picture was of a gloved hand holding a galvanized bucket of snowballs. I loved that picture. It spoke to me. I wanted a bucket of snow balls. Here in Tennessee, we don't get too much snow, just the occasional flurry, but this year we have had quite a bit (especially for our area). I really wanted a bucket of snowballs.

What's a girl to do? It might keep on the porch for a few days, but then it will warm back up and melt pretty soon. It just wouldn't last. I still wanted a bucket of snowballs. So, I made one and brought it inside for a table decoration.

I took a small galvanized pail (I really wanted a big one, but for the table a small one works best) and filled it with a few styrofoam balls. I wish I had bought a few more styrofoam balls (I will probably go back and get more soon) to really FILL my bucket up, but right now - I have my bucket of snowballs!

I like how the styrofoam glistens and looks like real snow!

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